MaxPro Pumps

MaxPro Pumps are professional grade water circulation pumps renowned for their unrivaled energy efficiency and performance. Extremely versatile, MaxPro external pumps are ideally suited for use in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. These durable, efficient pumps are extremely popular for use in ornamental fish ponds and water gardens, fish hatcheries, and large scale commercial water features. MaxPro water circulation pumps feature custom designed low RPM motors, which were specifically engineered to deliver unmatched water flow rates at the lowest possible energy usage. The very definition of reliability, all MaxPro Pumps are covered by a MaxPro Plus service warranty – the best warranty coverage offered by any external pump manufacturer in the industry today.

MaxPro Pumps deliver MAXIMUM value compared to competitor pumps on the market:

MAXIMUM performance – unmatched flow rates and whisper quiet operation
MAXIMUM energy efficiency – proprietary custom engineered low RPM motors
MAXIMUM quality – all MaxPro external models are manufactured with pride in the USA
MAXIMUM reliability – used and recommended by industry professionals worldwide
MAXIMUM peace of mind – covered by exclusive MaxPro Plus Service Warranty