ZapTek UVs

High Intensity UVs

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High Intensity HO UVs

  • 13,000 Hour Lamps

  • 120 Volt or 230 Volt
  • 6" Heavy duty Stainless Steel Vessels
  • 3" Inlet / Outlets with 2" bushings to use with 2" pipe if needed
  • Flow rates from 33 GPM to 220 GPM
  • Lengths from 18" to 46"
  • ​316 Stainless Steel
  • UL and CUL approved
  • Clear inlet / outlets to show the UV lamp is functioning
  • Comes with an LED lamp indicator to show electicity is getting to the lamp- 2 on dual lamp units
  • Comes with an LED indicator to show electricity is getting to the unit

If you are tired of messing around with the plastic UVs the ZapTek units deserve your consideration. This will be the last UV you'll have to buy. These are 3" units that come with 2" bushings so you can use them with 2" or 3" pipe. Very hard to find 3" UVs. 7 sizes to fit every project. The 13,000 HR lamps set the industry standard for long term dependability. It's easy to tell if you have electricty to the unit because it has its own lighted indicator as does each lamp on the dual lamp models and single indicators on the single lamp unit. With flows up to 13,200 GPH they handle whatever pond you might have.