AlphaONE LH 1.75 Filter from GCTek

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AlphaONE LH 1.75 Filter from GCTek AlphaONE LH 1.75 Filter from GCTek $2,349.95 AlphaONE LH 1.75 Filter from GCTek

AlphaONE LH 1.75 Filter from GCTek Suitable for ponds up to 2,500 gallons.

The AlphaONE LH filters were designed to be the most energy efficient filters on the market. Inside is more than double the lateral surface area, where the upper beads gather around the slots in the lateral arms, than that used on any other filter. Couple this with the highest flow multiport valve on the market and you have a filter that was designed to be energy efficient.

By implementing these design characteristics the filter can save the end user hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. A smaller more energy efficient pump can be used to handle ponds that would normally have to have larger energy "hog" pumps to turn the pond over at the suggested rates. Why do we care, we're not paying the electric bill? We are committed to doing our part to conserve our natural resources. In our operation we recycle everything we can to hold down costs and do our part for the environment.

Did you notice I did not say to "unhook your plumbing"? With some bead filters who use top mount valves it is necessary to unhook the plumbing to get inside. Not fun. GCTek, makers of the AlphaONE Filters, knew you wouldn't like this, so they didn't use a top mount design. Unlike lesser quality filters made of plastic, AlphaONE LH filters is made of fiberglass. This costs a bit more than plastic, but it is also of better quality. GCTek only wanted to use the best and the fiberglass is rated at 50 psi. AlphaONE Filters are also sensibly priced when compared to similar filters on the market.....2349.95


ModelSize (cu. ft.)Max Pond SizeFlow Rate (gpm)Fish Load (lbs.)Dimensions
AlphaONE LH 1.75 1.75 2,500 gallons (U.S.) 50 gpm 87.5 lbs. 19" x 31"


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