There are some great products on the market in the pond industry these days and sometimes they can be even better by just "tweaking" them with a Retro Kit to make them even better. We have Retro Kits to make AquaBead filters into an AlphaONE Filters and we even have Retro Media Agitator Kits that allow filters that don't have Blowers or Media Agitators as part of their package to now have one. These are a must for many types of filters that don't come with one from the factory.

With the increasing popularity of the AlphaONE units we are frequently asked about conversions of other types of bead filters to the AlphaONE units.
We've made it so that change is easy to do.  Half the magic is the internals with the free flowing laterals and the other half is the AlphaONE media itself.
If you have an AquaBead filter and want the upgraded AlphaONE unit it's as easy as vacuuming out the old beads, attaching the AlphaONE bottom spray bar, dumping in the new media and your are well on your way to the most hassle free filter on the market.

We have furnished Retro kits for every major manufacturers bead filters so if you have one of theirs and want to enter into the hassle free world of the AlphaONE ask us about other conversion kits for a wide variety of filters. The Media Agitator Retro Kits work great on filters that don't have an Agitator as they come from the factory and also help make sand filters back wash more efficiently.