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BioMotion1.5 BioMotion1.5 $1,634.95 BioMotion1.5

BioMotion1.5 Moving Bed Filter

More and more each day pond owners are appreciating the contribution a fluidized bed or Motion Filter can add to the Bioconversion of soluble wastes in a pond.

Most of the units that are available depend on gravity flow or air fluidization to move the bed. With TheBioMotion filter the flow from your present filter system can supply the flow to move the self cleaning fluidized bed in the BioMotion filter.

The Media in the BioMotion filter is barely heavier than water so it sinks when the pump flow is off and then Fluidizes when the flow from the pump is running through the filter.  Even the flow from a 1/8 HP pump easily spins and "Fluffs" the BioMotion filter bed.

5 sizes

Here is a picture of how the BioMotion filter looks plumbed in place: