WattMizer PLUS PRO 10.0 System - Up to 25,000 Gal.

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WattMizer PLUS PRO 10.0 System - Up to 25,000 Gal. WattMizer PLUS PRO 10.0 System - Up to 25,000 Gal. $8,347.95 WattMizer PLUS PRO 10.0 System - Up to 25,000 Gal.

WattMizer PLUS PRO 10.0 System for up to 25,000 gallons.

The WattMIzer PLUS PRO Series of Upper End Filtration Systems were designed for people who wanted the Best Filtration for their pond and fish.

These systems come with the items that are most needed for complete filtration satisfaction:

1. Prefiltration with 2 AquaSieve2 units for both a bottom drain circuit and a skmmer circuit. There is a 3 port valve plumbed into the system to allow the operator to balance the flow between the two circuits by just turning a handle.

2. Energy efficient movement of water is accomplished by the Tried and True Performance Pro brand of pumps. These pumps have 3 year warranties on them. The best in the business. This system uses the Artesian Pro Artesian2 1 HP HF HIGH FLOW low amp pump for energy efficiency.

3. The BioMechanical filtraton process is handled by one of our 3 Main Upper end filtration filters. You have a choice between the AquaBead, AlphaONE or the new AlphaNANO filters. This system uses the 10.0 Cu. Ft. filter, with the most popular being the AlphaONE 10.0 filter. These filters polish the water as well as handle nitrification in one highly efficeint component. Need help deciding which one is better for your needs? Just give us a call, we're happy to help you decide. 405.258.5551

4. The final phase of the filtration circuit is accomplished by the water passing through our High Intenisty ZapPRO UV light. These units produce 116 High Output watts of power to help rid the pond of unwanted algae, virus etc. The easiest UV light we know of for ease of maintenace. 

5. All of these components are then plumbed together, connections marked and then dissassebled for easy set up at their final location. The system goes together in just a few minutes and fits into a space of 48" front to back and 72" side to side.

The WattMizer PLUS PRO Systems give it all to you in one easy self contained system that only needs about 5 minutes a week attention.